PFT Air Compressor COMP P-320

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The PFT powerful Air Compressor COMP P-320 is a perfect addition for processing a variety of plasters with PFT mixing or conveying pumps

230v single phase, 50Hz, 2.2kw, 1,400rpm with a suction capacity of approx. 320 l/min

Simple folding/unfolding of the ergonomic push/carry handle

Prevention of oil mist in the spray air due to two oil-free compressed air connections

Quick draining of the condensation water and venting of the pressure vessel through drain tap

Convenient reading of the extraction and tank pressure on two pressure gauges

Easily adjustable pressure due to pressure regulator for extraction pressure

Uncomplicated cable winding due to integrated brackets

Robust wheels for enormous manoeuvrability 

Low-noise operation, low wear and tear and longer service life thanks to low-speed technology

Reliable motor protection

Complete fitting unit with filter pressure reducer

This is an add-on to the PFT Ritmo B4-2 or PFT Swing machines and should be used with the PFT Spraying Set for Finishing Coats and PFT Remote Control Cable to enable the spraying of thin coat finishes 

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