At PFT Scotland Ltd, we know that the most important way to be productive is to understand how to use a machine properly. Based on this, we offer a wide range of training courses to suit your individual customer requirements.

Specialist Training & Excellent Customer Service


Expert Training

Our highly trained instructors at PFT Scotland Ltd aim to give you valuable practical knowledge, tailored to your individual customer requirements.



Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a first class after sales service to support you in the use of your new equipment.



Thanks to uncompromising product quality, PFT Scotland Ltd offer machines which use the latest technology to ensure your safety.

What You Will Learn

  1. Machine Overview

    Develop an understanding of the component parts of the machine. Learn the meaning of labels and warning signs.

  2. Set-Up

    Learn how to carry out essential daily pre-use inspections. Develop an understanding of how to set the machine up ready for use.

  3. Spraying and Clean Down

    Understand how to use the machine settings to achieve the desired effects. Learn how to safely dismantle and clean the machine.

  4. Rectification and Maintenance

    Learn how to recognise potential issues and remedy these. Discover how to check filters and inspect your machine for wear and tear.

  5. Documentation

    You will receive an operating manual and set-up/clean down instruction cards.

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When you purchase your spray machine from us, comprehensive training is included.  However, if you have a machine and require training please contact us on 07817 385 227 to arrange.

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