Kraft Elite Trowel Golden SS Cork Handle 14"x5"



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The Elite Series Five Star Golden Stainless Steel Blade Trowel (CFE543K) by Kraft comes 'broken-in' and ready for immediate use

Designed and engineered for the professional finisher

Heat-treated golden stainless steel blade is made of a special alloy that will not rust, pit or stain

The hardened steel holds its edge even after extended use

Each trowel is made with state-of-the-art machinery that grinds the blade to just the right dimensions for that perfect feel

Greater flexibility and durability of the blade reduces fatigue 

The square blade finishes all the way to the corners to complete projects large and small

A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminium mounting stands up to the rigors of cement work

Compression fit stainless steel power pin rivets attach the mounting to the 14"x5" blade

An oversized toe rivet provides extra strength when applying pressure during finish work

Guaranteed No-Turn handle design locks the handle to mounting

An ergonomic, fatigue reducing design provides for a secure grip for long hours on the job


Made in the USA

For more info call us now on 07817 385 227

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