Sur-Pro Double Sided Plastering/Drylining Stilts Magnesium Size 24-40

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Sur-Pro Stilts offer the best balance and weight characteristics of any stilt on the market.  The foot place is wider creating greater stability.  The over-sized, 3-position, heel bracket adjusts to virtually any work boot.  

  • Wraparound leg bands provide superior comfort and stability.
  • Arch straps wrap around the ankle, increasing stability and offering a more natural placement of the foot.
  • Patented interlock system houses the side pole in a reinforced bracket, eliminating the risk of the pole detaching from the stilts main body.
  • Double wing bolts improve the stability, safety and durability of the stilts
  • All the benefits of the original Sur-Stilt with the extra feature of lightweight magnesium components

Quadlock by Sur-Pro

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